God At My Convenience

Yesterday, Melissa and I had to go to St. George to apply for our marriage license. Since we were already half way, we decided that we would go to the house for the day to get some things done. 

Melissa bought a cabinet to hang on her bathroom wall a few weeks ago at Target. I began putting it together (trying to follow the directions). I almost had it done when the entire thing fell apart. I tried to hold my tongue while being frustrated and began to put it back together. Melissa had been sitting watching me since it fell apart. Out of frustration, I said, “Why don’t you go unpack something!” A few minutes later, I called her to hand me the hammer. 
It hit me when I got home…how many times do I do that to God?!
How many times do I ignore Him, even tell Him to go away, and then call Him back when I need something? My Creator wants to spend some time with me. My God wants to be with me at every stage of life. When things are together and when things fall apart, God wants my attention and He wants to be beside me. I just sometimes choose to tell Him to go away. 
I tell Him to go away until I need something. When things start looking like they’re out of my hands, I call God back every time. When I need something, I call God back and begin to seek Him. 
What would happen if I payed attention to God when things were good, when things were bad, when I had everything within arms length, and when things are beyond my control? 
Anyone ignore God until you need something? Anyone tell Him to go away and then call Him back when things get tough and out of your ability? 
I once had a person in my church that only came when something went wrong in their life. If they were at church on a Sunday morning, I always thought, “What happened to them this week?”
Don’t be like them…or like me! Let God spend time with you! Allow God access to your life no matter the circumstances. Pay attention to Him at all times!

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