Why The Bible’s Important

Last night, I taught on the importance of the Bible. Here are the 3 reasons I listed as to why the Bible is important (I’m not saying there’s not more):

1) It allows us to know Christ and see how to have relationship with Him.
2) It glorifies God.
3) It tells us how to live.
While I taught this lesson to a bunch of high schoolers, I have to wonder, how many of us really value the Bible like we should. Many days, it can be tough for us to even be able to set aside time to read it. When we stop and think about it, we are really having a rough time listening to the most intelligent, most loving, most supreme being ever known! 
Take time each day to hear from God. Take time to talk to Him and allow Him to talk back to you. When you do so, you are allowing a perfect God to have direct contact to you. Don’t miss that wonderful and beautiful opportunity. After all, a life had to pay the price for us to do so!

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