Listen, Think, and Act (2)

If someone is living and breathing, junk is going to happen. If we are living, we are going to be hit by one of life’s curve balls. Here are some questions I try to think through when something comes that I wasn’t expecting:

-Is this something that I can do anything about? 
Many times, the answer is no. This is where we have to trust God to take care of our situation. It’s not worth our worrying if we can’t do anything to control it. We just have to pray and let the chips fall where God directs.
-What’s the worst that could happen?
I’ve noticed that a lot of times, my first response is to think of some scenario that isn’t even reasonable. Most of life’s problems will be a distant memory in about 3 months (and that’s the really trying ones). Usually the realistic worst case scenario will require some time, work, or money, but nothing more.
-What can I do about it?
I’ve never had much use for people that like to wallop in sorrow but never do anything about their problems. After you’ve determined what you can do, you have to do it! I once heard someone say, “We have to take care of the natural and let God take care of the supernatural.” God expects us to act when life’s problems happen.
When you have unforeseen circumstances come your way, don’t let the circumstance control you, control the circumstance! Listen, think, and act!

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