Don’t Divide

During my short life and my short time in ministry, I have seen how the work of God can often divide people. Many times, the divided people are the ones that aren’t actively involved in the ministry because it’s easier to criticize after God moves than to be involved in the process. 

In John 9, the Pharisees provide another illustration of wrong behavior. After Jesus heals the blind man, verse 16 says that the Pharisees couldn’t collectively decide who Jesus was, “They were divided.” 
How many times is this us? We see the work of God, we see God working through someone or a ministry and our instinct is to divide ourselves. Out of jealousy, out of doubt, or out of simple confusion, we divide BECAUSE of the work of God.
If another church is doing a great work for God, don’t get mad. If a coworker is seeing God work in their life, don’t get upset. If a friend’s work is getting blessed, don’t get jealous. If God is working through an odd circumstance, don’t be confused. God uses people and situations to display His goodness (John 9:3).
Our job as leaders is to help unite the body of Christ. Even when things are tough, God is working so that He can display His goodness. When our church or organization isn’t going the way we want, just wait, God is waiting to be displayed. Don’t get divided, unite for the shared purpose of seeing God displayed!
Be actively involved in the work of God! Don’t sit along the sidelines and get mad when God works through others. Don’t get upset because God doesn’t use you like that. Get busy so that He can use you. Don’t let the work of God divide His body!

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