A Beautiful Picture

Genesis 3 contains an event that effects our lives today as much as any other in the Bible. 

The Fall of Man was caused by man’s rebellion against the rules and direction of God. One of the amazing things about these verses of scripture is not just the sin that man committed, but the response of God to their sin.

After several verses of God cursing man because of their disobedience, God does something in verse 21 that I find truely amazing and a beautiful picture of the character of God.  In verse 21, God uses animal skins to make clothes for Adam and Eve.  

This is a beautiful picture of God’s care, provision, love, and grace for man.  God knew that Adam and Eve had sinned and He knew that their relization of their nakedness was a burden on them.  While Adam and Eve could have easily been killed for their disobedience, God cared for them by providing them with clothing to cover their bareness.  

If you notice, like a loving father, God disciplines His children, but then picks them back up into His arms to shower them with love.  What an amazing picture of what God is and represents!  What a beautiful illustration of what God’s love encompasses!  What an amazing foreshadowing of God’s ultimate sacrifice and covering for sin!

We know the end of the story.  Because of man’s disobedience, Jesus would come to pay the sacrifice for sin that all of us would have the opportunity to accept. Because of our disobedience, God’s Son was beaten, cursed, nailed, and killed.  Because of God’s care, provision, love, and grace, God’s Son rose from the dead to defeat death and sin.  

We can’t forget that while God’s love deserves our response of obedience, it doesn’t always require it.  God’s love surpasses our obedience and stretches beyond what we do and deserve.  God’s love seeks and saves man from their sin. God’s love has, is, and will continue to overshadow our man made mistakes and works. God’s love covers all of our sin. Just as His love covered Adam and Eve!

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