Selfish or Selfless?

When did the world become so selfish?  It seems like no on is concerned about anyone around them.  It seems like everyone is out to make sure they get what they want while completely disregarding everyone else.  I guess the world has always been a pretty selfish place, but it seems to be getting worse!

I think we all have our selfish moments.  Anyone that knows me personally will say that I have my moments of selfishness, however, I still care about other people.  It seems to me that everyone is born with a sense of selfishness.  Babies can be the most selfish creatures on earth.  However, when a person matures it seems as if they should develop some sense of courtesy toward other people. 

Even a lot of Christians have become selfish people.  As a matter of fact, Christianity has a reputation as being a pretty selfish religion.  Some perceive us as people that want to stay in our comfort zone and aren’t willing to get or think outside the box.  Christians have been commanded  to be humble and selfless, just as Christ was.  We have been told to treat others better than ourselves.  Take some time to stand out!  Take some time today to be selfless in a very selfish world!

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