Have To Want

Do it because you WANT to, not because you HAVE to!

It sounds really simple when spoken, but when practiced, it becomes much more difficult. However, this is what the Christian faith is all about. Not that we have to serve God or that we have to be good people, but that we want to in appreciation for what God has done for us.

If we are going to be effective as ministers, we can’t operate out of a sense of duty…at least not to maximum impact. We have to operate out of a want to. Out of an appreciation and a passion that God has given us. We have to operate out of the overflow of our personal relationship with Christ if our have to is going to turn into our want to.
When leading volunteers, we need to give them a sense of want to. When volunteers lose momentum and begin to do their service out of a sense of duty, they become less effective and less motivated. They also diminish their impact for the kingdom. We have to encourage them. We have to share success stories and show appreciation for what they do. We have to paint a picture of what will happen through their work. We have to allow them to see the vision and allow them to develop the excitement to do it.
Don’t operate out of a have to, operate out of a want to! 

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