Dealing With Risks

After yesterday’s post about taking risks, I figured that it would only be appropriate to post today about how to deal with failure…

Failure is inevitable. If we are people of risk taking, we will be people of failure. Here are some things to do and consider before and after failure:
  1. Why are you taking the risk? Has God placed a desire in your heart, or is it from selfish desires? If it’s God, it’s worth the risk!
  2. After failing, don’t try to cover it up. Part of leading is being willing to admit failure. Part of following is forgiving your leader for failing and thanking them for being willing to take the risk.
  3. If you fail, evaluate why. Did you enter it without fully committing? Did you place all possible resources, energy, and time possible to help it succeed? Did you give adequate time to prayer?
  4. What’s next? After failing with something, try something else. God’s a God of change and movement, if one idea failed, what was meant to be the next step?
These are just a few things that I’ve found helpful in every part of life. 

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