What You May Not Know (1)

I thought I would write about what most people that are close to me still probably don’t know…

I get nervous in front of people.  I’m serious.  Most people think that I get in front of people and just start talking without any anxiety.  I really do get nervous before speaking publicly.  I even get a little nervous when participating in class discussions.  I think that this will improve somewhat once I do it more often.  I don’t think, however, that I will ever get completely comfortable with preaching.  It will always be an honor, but also a responsibility that will make me a little nervous.

I’m somewhat of a loner at times.  I don’t like to always be around people.  Although I love people and meeting new people that I don’t know, people make me mad sometimes, so I want to withdraw.  Sometimes I don’t feel like making people laugh, or even speaking to people.  This is why I like to spend some time alone on a regular basis.  It allows me to withdraw on my own schedule somewhat. 

People brushing their teeth makes me sick.  I always turn my back to the mirror in the bathroom when I’m brushing my own teeth.  Something about the foam coming out of the sides of their mouth makes me sick to my stomach.  The other day, I was watching “King of the Hill,” and even the cartoon brushing his teeth made me queasy.

I think I’m OCD about locking doors.  It doesn’t matter what kind of door it is.  The house door, my apartment door, my car door, and anything that has a lock on it.  I often find myself walking back to my car from inside my apartment to see if my car is locked.  I worry that even if no one takes anything, they are at least in my stuff without me knowing.  That really bothers me.  Tuesday night, I went to Cru and had to come back after I got it kicked off to make sure the apartment was locked.  Of course, it was.

I am a really organized person.  Some would call me a little bit of a neat freak.  I like for everything to be in its place, and when it’s not, it drives me crazy. I am always straitening up the apartment because my other two roommates really don’t care if things are neat.  I have really become the Mom around here.

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