How To What

Worry is something that we all do, whether we’re willing to admit it or not.  We tend to face situations in life and ask “how.”  We ask how everything’s going to work out, how we’re going to make the payment, or how we’re going to survive another day at the same job.  We tend to ask “how” much quicker than we ask “what.”  

What is it that God wants us to do?  What is it that God wants to do in our lives?

I think that so often, we underestimate God with our doubt and selfish prayers.  We ask God to get us out of situations, when He wants to bless us through them.  We ask God for mediocre blessings when He wants to bring unbelievable blessing if we’ll be patient. 

Don’t ask “how.”  We need to change our “how” into “what.”  What do we need to do to obey God?  What direction do we need to go in order to be in the will of God?  What does God want to do in our situation to bless us?  What can we do to bless Him?

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